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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Starting Out Right

     After learning about Whole Brain Teaching last year and implementing only a few small parts into my routine with my preK class last year, I was determined to use all of it this school year. After teaching three years in preK I was able to move up to 1st grade. I couldn't be happier. The whole summer before school started I was watching videos and reading about Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) to prepare for coming year. I had no idea how many wonderful ideas there were with WBT, it's amazing. I decided to start small, but do it right. The first week of school I concentrated on the rules. I did them, the students did them with me, then they did them by themselves. We did this everyday for about a week and a half to really get them down. Then I introduced the game, which they went crazy for!! I have slowly introduced "teach, okay" and mirror. My principal came in the other day when my students were doing "teach, okay" with pronouns, she loved it and had me explain it to my colleagues. I found these great signs on teacherspayteachers.com for free! They now hang up in my classroom as a reminder (two of them are pictured). I cannot wait to see what else I learn through this wonderful program.                                
Whole Brain Teaching Posters with Clip ArtWhole Brain Teaching Posters with Clip Art

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  1. Grandmother is proud of you! Aren't you proud of me for figuring this out? (And having a picture!)