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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Procedure, Procedures, Procedures

As any teacher knows, procedures take up a lot of time during the day, especially if students are talking and dillydallying. Whole Brain Teaching has completely changed this in my room. Now, procedures are quick and simple; my students have even commented how much we get done during the day. The first procedure I put into place was "seats". All I have to do it say "seats" and my class immediatly says, "seats, seats, seats" and they are all in their seats within a couple of seconds. Next, I introduced "lines". Again I say it once and they say it three times. They are so quick because they want smilies on the scoreboard and they want stars on the Super Improver Wall. They remind each other how to act and look at me to see if I notice. It's amazing. Another procedure is "papers in". This procedure alone has given me my sanity back. All I have to say in "papers in" and they repeat it three times while passing their papers to the person closet to me at their tables. It's amazing, it takes seconds and we don't waste anytime. They also repeat, "papers out" if I have papers to pass out. The final piece to the puzzle is "eyes up here". I love this one! I use it along with "hands and eyes." I say, "eyes up here" and my students reply, "eyes up there" then I immediately say "hands and eyes" which they repeat back, "hands, hands, hands and eyes". After they do this we are quiet, listening and ready for the next activity. After they do the procedures correctly they get a smiley and a Mighty Oh Yeah! If they do not do the procedures correctly or fast enough then they get a frowny and a Mighty Groan. They actually requested to practice these at the end of the day because they love it. I mean really, what class wants to practice procedures? This one! That's who! To learn more about procedures there is a ton of information on www.wholebrainteaching.com

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