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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mind Soccer

"What a game, what a game!" said one of my first graders after playing. All week they worked hard to get Mind Soccer stars. They earn stars by being absolutely incredible either at their work or behavior. They needed 8 stars in order to play Mind Soccer on Friday. They finally reached their goal last week. I drew up the "field" on the whiteboard, had the easer in place as the ball and my students were yelling in excitment. I broke them up into two groups and we got started. I fired off questions and they were cheering when they got it right, groaning when they got it wrong. It was so much fun and were reviewing ideas, concepts and sounds from our previous lessons. It was awesome!! I saw my class working together to solve problems, talking to each other about the right answer and showing that they understood many concepts. It was great!!!  This past week they didn't earn enough stars to play Mind Soccer and they were very bummed out. They told each other that they were going to have to work hard next week so that they can play. I love seeing how motivated they are. This game is amazing!!

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